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Broadcast and Production Services

Operating in Kenya, with networks in neighbouring countries, Wandering Nomads provides a full range of services for Broadcast, Corporate, Advertising, Natural History and Documentary Productions. Our service is individually tailored to meet the needs our clients.

We can get the best deals with various hotels and lodges and can help with building temporary camps for any productions out in the bush.

We can source experienced Casting Directors and can organise call outs, video castings, talent negotiations, interpreters and translators. Day rates and buy-outs are negotiable and we are well placed to support you with these negotiations.

We can help with your catering needs, whether it is managing meals in the bush over several weeks or a couple of days in a studio.

Kenya is full of creative and talented people, namely costume designers that have worked on a whole range of different projects.

Kenya has a talented pool of professional and experienced crew to support your production. Day rates are negotiable dependent on the nature of the production. Foreign crew will need to secure a temporary work permit which typically takes between 2 weeks to a month to process therefore applications must be sent well in advance of crew arrival. We are on hand to assist with this process.

If you don’t want the hassle of bringing out equipment we can locate, negotiate and source any extra equipment requirements you might have. Kenya offers all of the modern grip and gaffer equipment as well as most mainstream cameras such as RED Epic and RED Dragons, Alexa’s, Scarlet, C300, Canon 5D, Sony F7’s and various HD kits and lenses. If you plan to import equipment we can manage customs clearance on your behalf.

Securing a location permit usually takes between 1-7 days, though can be longer for more complex assignments. Often in remote regions, it is required that a location manager travels to negotiate permits in person prior to the arrival of the crew. There is seldom a set fee structure making it essential to have a strong locally experienced fixer to assist with the process. Filming in Nairobi City can take up to 2 weeks to acquire permits as various clearances are required for security reasons.

We have an extensive location library and will scout unique and interesting locations all around Kenya to suit your requirements. Click here to see some of the amazing locations we have to offer.

RedEarth can facilitate the edit. Kenya has internationally trained and experiences editors that can work on offline edits.

We can help with research and scripting, scheduling, budget management and all paperwork and documentation.

We can organise security according to the location and requirements, whether it’s company armed guards or just local security.

We have some very experiences and talented Art Directors and Set builders that are extremely capable.

We can organise all airport transfers, safe and reliable 4×4 car hire, guide/driver hire and internal flights all around Kenya and East Africa.


Connect with Nature

Recharge your body and soul. Kalepo is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Connect with nature, pamper yourself with a massage, or simply read a book by the pool while sipping on a cocktail.


Connect with People

You can choose to be involved in establishing connections with local communities by creating sustainable initiatives and providing support.

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