Experience lifestyle of some of Africa’s most treasured people

The Camp
A lodge / camp which provides some luxury but at the same time is relatively basic …we have a natural spring and will be able to make provision for a small swimming pool, also a cedar wooded area, a perfect setting for a natural camp which will blend into the natural environment.

The Experience
We will offer bush walks and interaction with the local Samburu communities in the immediate area as well as the Pokot communities down in the valley to provide genuine insights into pastoralist culture …one of the things I want to establish when I go over there in January is the extent of this offering and provide some details about how we can present it: single day excursions, two day excursions etc with also a wildlife aspect to it and also wild camping under the stars within the Rift valley.

The Samburu people are a Nilotic tribe that inhabits Kenya’s northern plains. Like the Maasai, the Samburu are nomadic pastoralists, moving from one place to another following patterns of rainfall in search of fresh pasture and water for their cattle, camels, goats and sheep.

The Samburus are considered even more traditional and remote than their Maasai kin, and have maintained the authenticity of their culture by sticking to their ancient traditions and defying modern trends.

Like Kenya’s other pastoralist tribes, the Samburu people rear large herds of cows, sheep, goats and camels, which they openly graze on their communal land. A typical Samburu village normally includes several manyattas belonging to a group of five to ten families. In XXX, you will have the chance to witness this traditional way of life firsthand. Come and immerse yourself in this incredible culture.

XXX Camp is an exclusive use, luxury tented camp tailor made for family safaris. It consists of 3 double/twin en-suite tents which can comfortably sleep 6 guests combined. We also have one family unit which consists of adjacent double/twin en-suite tents and can comfortably sleep 4 guests combined. Additional children can be accommodated on camping beds.

Our tents are tastefully decorated with all the basic comforts. Over-head fans and beautiful soft high quality linen add to the finishing touches.

The bathrooms are fitted with double basins, running water, flush loos and hot showers. Open to the elements, it allows our guests to shower under the stars or watch the birds while you wash your hair! Soft towels and basic amenities are all included.


Connect with Nature

Recharge your body and soul. Kalepo is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Connect with nature, pamper yourself with a massage, or simply read a book by the pool while sipping on a cocktail.


Connect with People

You can choose to be involved in establishing connections with local communities by creating sustainable initiatives and providing support.

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